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Solar Jack

Solar Jack, LLC is a joint venture formed by North Creek Energy, LLC and P&J Energy Services, LLC.

Solar Jack is a solar enhanced, variable speed system that gives oil producers the ability to capture the regenerated energy from their pump jacks, combined with the energy produced by the sun, to offer a solution for reducing energy consumption and energy cost, as well as reducing maintenance downtime and cost.


North Creek Energy

North Creek Energy, LLC was formed in October of 2010 by Kavan & Lara Graybill as an energy savings systems solutions company.

Kavan worked for electrical supply companies since 1994, specializing in helping customers design and sell complex electrical systems. His experience includes a background working with automation and power distribution in the lumber industry; with a focus on variable speed drives and soft start control systems. Lara Graybill, a graduate of UNC Ashville, spent 11 years as an educator in Buncombe County, NC. With a strong belief in conservation, Lara has a passion for creating common sense approaches to the development of sustainable energy solutions.  Visit for more information on North Creek Energy.

North Creek Energy (NCE) began to develop and sell several off-grid systems designed for use in small remote homes, up to midsize on-grid “net metered” solar PV systems.  NCE went on to develop the “GO GREEN” solar generator for high-end quarter horse trailer manufacturer Bloomer Trailers. These systems made their debut at the National Finals Rodeo Las Vegas NV 2011. One of the first customers to purchase the solar generator was from Lovington, NM and owned an oil-field pipe supply company.

After proving NCE could build a system that could power the trailer, the customer asked NCE to develop a system to run their oil-field pump jacks. NCE was tasked with building a system to operate the pump jack “off grid” since there had been such a large power cost increase over recent years.  While studying the motion of the jack and the issues the producers were faced with, the idea for solar variable speed regen system was born. NCE developed, proved the concept, and filed for a patent protection on the concept… bringing to market the only green renewable energy system designed specifically for oil field pump jacks – Solar Jack. To learn more about North Creek Energy, visit


P&J Energy Services

P&J Energy Services, LLC. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Phillips and Jordan, Inc., a North Carolina corporation (P&J). P&J is a general and specialty contractor founded in 1952. The firm’s core competencies are land clearing, earthmoving, underground utilities, erosion control, storm drainage, and debris management. P&J serves numerous markets and works throughout the United States. P&J has extensive national experience servicing the oil and gas industry. This includes right-of-way clearing, road construction, site development for drill pads and compressor stations, and construction of impoundments.

P&J Energy Services, LLC has investments in “green technologies” associated with the exploration and production of hydrocarbons in North America. The company is a 40% owner in Hydrozonix, LLC, a chemical-free, high volume mobile water treatment system for recycling frack fluids. Please visit for more details on P&J and for more on Hydrozonix.