The Solar Jack System 

Most existing pump jacks are powered by a Manual Fusible Disconnect Starter using time clocks to manage the starting and stopping of the jack or by a standard VSD (variable speed drive, also known as a variable frequency drive or VFD). Both of these systems are inefficient ways of operating pump jacks. The Manual Starter causes violent starts and vibration, degrading the life of the motor, belts, and rod while pumping dirty power back to the utility. This dirty power can result in penalty charges from some power companies. Also, any speed adjustments must be done with pulley and sheave changes, resulting expensive maintenance events and wasted production down time.

While the standard VSD does have the benefit of soft starting and slowing the jack, it still requires close attention to maintain balance on the pump jack to reduce the common “over-current nuisance tripping”.  Brake resistors are also required to expel over-current from the unbalanced pump jack as heat (waste) into the atmosphere. Both of these systems are expensive ways of running pumps, resulting in high maintenance cost and power company penalties combined with the high cost of VSDs with little energy savings.

The Solar Jack Energy Management System offers all of the traditional benefits of VSDs, while reducing energy costs and maintenance downtime. A pump jack’s natural motion causes motor regeneration, this regen energy is normally pushed to the utility without giving any credit back to the producer. We take this wasted energy and recycle it to offset the energy costs of the pump jack.  With a renewable energy source (solar) at the heart of our solution, the system qualifies for Renewable Energy Tax Incentives.  Solar Jack is the only system offering the oil industry a zero waste energy management solution to lower lifting costs for oil producers.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Clean renewable Solar PV power combined with automation and control.
  • Qualifies for Renewable and Energy Efficient Federal and State Tax incentives.
  • Qualifies for many utility rebates.
  • Utility grid friendly – meets all requirements for smart grid applications.
  • Small area foot print
  • Eliminates all of the violent starts and stops of the motor – reducing maintenance cost.
  • Total torque and amperage limiting speed control to eliminate possible damage of motor and sucker rods.
  • Communicates with most pump off control cards on the market.
  • Instantaneous motor performance – reducing maintenance cost.
  • Eliminates or reduces costly power factor penalties from utility.
  • Suitable for use in areas which exhibit wide line voltage fluctuations.
  • Reduction in Peak Demand – reduce your load and voltage drawn from the utility… saving you money.

Have a look at the slideshow below to learn more about the Solar Jack Energy Management System.

solar-jack-overview-030915a-pdf3604 from Solar Jack