A Solar Enhanced, Zero-Waste Energy Management System For Oilfield Pump Jacks

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Do you operate pump jacks?

If so, Solar Jack’s patent pending Energy Management System can reduce your maintenance costs by up to 75%, reduce your import power usage from 30% to 75%, and simultaneously increase motor efficiency by approximately 30%, which eliminates power factor penalties from the utility.

On-Site Energy Storage

The Solar Jack On-Site Storage model lowers your energy cost by capturing and temporarily storing the energy from the system’s solar array along with the regenerative energy from the down stroke of the pump jack then using this energy to help power the upstroke of the pump jack. This system does not require a net-meter agreement with the utility; all energy captured by the system is used by the pump jack the system is connected to.

A Clean, Renewable Solution

Our system provides you with a clean, renewable solution for your pump jacks. We combine the added benefits of active front-end variable speed “soft start” technology with solar and regen power to reduce your overall lifting cost through decreased maintenance expenses and lower import energy consumption.

Renewable Energy Tax Credit

The Solar Jack system qualifies for the Federal Renewable Energy Tax Credit (Business Energy Investment)*. This credit allows you to reduce your tax bill by 30% of the cost of any solar energy systems you install, but it is set to expire on 12/31/2016. Now is the time to have Solar Jack systems installed! * You should consult with your tax professional regarding applicable tax credits and incentives.

Zero Energy Waste

A pump jack’s natural motion causes motor regeneration, currently this energy is pushed back to the utility without giving any credit to the producer. We take this wasted energy and put it to work for the pump jack operator, offsetting energy costs.

Fewer Strokes Per Minute

The Solar Jack system allows your pump jacks to generate the same production levels with fewer strokes per minute, saving wear on the pump jack components and lowering your maintenance costs.


The Solar Jack Energy Management System is a solar enhanced, variable speed system that gives oil producers the ability to capture the regenerated energy from their pump jacks, combined with solar energy, to offer a solution for reducing energy consumption and energy cost, as well as reducing maintenance downtime and cost. Solar Jack, LLC is a joint venture formed by North Creek Energy, LLC and P&J Energy Services, LLC.